Security Cameras - Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Overview

From simple Camera Systems applications (analog) to (digital/IP) elaborate Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV) Nyteck Systems can assist you from the designs; Installations, including servicing/maintenance & upgrades of pre existing systems.

Nyteck Systems is the company you can depend on when it comes to quality and reliability. Customer Satisfaction is our ultimate quest, a satisfied customer means more business.

  • From Mom & Pops Establishments to Corporate Systems installations
  • From Straight forward Systems Wiring to vandal resistant wiring installations
  • From Analog Systems to Digital IP/NVR Systems with Remote Access

So it doesn't matter how small or elaborate system might be or budget- Just give us a call or email for a free estimate- commercial financing available

Security Cameras

bullet style security camera

Security cameras are the eyes of your security system. They allow you to monitor and record activity in the vicinity. Recorded on to a hard drive, you can go back weeks or months to examine suspicious footage and produce copies for police. Besides criminal detection abilities, video surveillance cameras can also be used to combat nuisance lawsuits.


commercial security D V R

The DVR ( Digital Video Recorder ) is the memory of the camera. It's purpose is to keep a record of viewed events. The recording can be done on a PC, server or dedicated DVR. All provide equal access to recorded footage. Factors to take into consideration when deciding on a platform are the environment where the recording device will be located, who will be using it, equipment cost, training and network accessibilty considerations.

It doesn't matter how small or elaborate the project or budget size you have in mind give us a call or send an email for a free estimate, commercial financing is available.

Video Analytics

video analytics security footage

Video analytics detects, analyzes and classifies people and vehicles as they move through the camera frame to provide real-time alarms and search tools. It enhances manned and unmanned video surveillance. It also reduces false alarms by masking out objects such as shadows, reflections, flying birds, and waving trees.