Intercom & Buzzer Systems


video intercom panel

Intercom & buzzer systems are required by law in most multi unit buildings. These systems are designed for the communication of tenants with visitors to allow visitor's access to the building. In many buildings the intercom system is the only security system. You can hear who is at the door with an audio intercom or see and talk to the visitor with a video intercom.

We install, maintain & repair your intercom system. Upgrades and system modifications are available with wide array of new systems. We'll also correct security violations.


push button intercom

We at Nyteck Systems can help you maintain, repair your intercom system, it doesn’t matter how old is the system. We also upgrade and modify systems with many with a wide array of new systems from plain analog open voice; digital bus systems to Video Intercoms.

We can assist you with certain security system violations with HUD/City Agencies and or tenant’s security disputes

Providing Building Security is one of our expertise, we can assist you with mayor capital improvement projects with full security packages ranging from Intercoms upgrades and installations including Access Control, Video Surveillance, Roof Landing Alarms, Magnetic Locks, Door Alarms and more to name a few. Give us a call or email us for a FREE ESTIMATE.



lobby intecom panel
  1. We fabricate custom intercom panels and name directories in various metal finishes such as stainless steel, solid brass and aluminum. We also provide Vandal Resistant Entry Panels for high risk environments.
  2. We upgrade all types of intercom systems. We can convert your analog system to a digital system, use existing wire or install new wire if you prefer.
  3. We provide and install Telephone Entry Intercom Systems and No Phone Bill Telephone Intercom Systems. These types of systems are seen in multiple unit commercial/professional buildings.
  4. We have high quality Video Intercoms, from single units often seen in doctors' offices, co-op buildings, condominium complexes and apartment buildings.

Depending on the design, age and location of your current system, you may be able upgrade to a newer system without the need for extensive re-wiring. Let us know if there is a problem with your intercom so we can help.