Security Systems & Alarms

Burglar alarm

Alarm Systems

An alarm system protects your business, home & family. A professionally installed alarm system protects against not only burglary but fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, hold ups and many other events. An alarm system gives you peace of mind. more

Security Camera

Security Cameras

Security cameras are effective in crime investigation, combating theft, fraudulent lawsuits, seeing who's home and more. Modern systems can be installed for use in your office or home. They can be viewed remotely over the internet via laptop or smartphone. more

Access control panel

Access Control

Access control systems allow control over a building by managing entry to specific or general locations. You can grant users timed or limited access. Access logs are kept detailing movement to sensitive areas. Access to equipment and devices can also be controlled. more

Intercom panel


Apartment, co-op, condo & office dwellers need to know who is at the building entrance before letting them in. Intercoms provide the communication between tenant and visitor. Depending on your budget and needs video or audio intercoms can be used. more